My ongoing academic research focuses on how natural language processing (NLP) can be applied to study global politics, notably by analyzing large corpora of UN documents (UNSC, UNRWA, UNHCR). Since 2014, I have also been researching the financing of many international organizations both inside the United Nations system (e.g. UN, UNESCO, WHO, UNHCR, ILO etc.) and outside of it (notably the European Union).

My academic research has been published with Oxford University Press, the Journal of European Public Policy (JEPP), Political Studies, Global Policy, Vereinte Nationen (Zeitschrift) and various other academic outlets.

Previously, I was research project manager for Transparency International’s “European Union Integrity System” report (2014), covered in The Economist.

From 2018-20, I was an expert in the German foreign ministry strategic review process for Germany’s external cultural relations and education policy. In 2020, I was invited as expert in the German Bundestag hearing on 75 Years of the United Nations.

See my Google Scholar profile and my Hertie School page for more details. Contact details are in the imprint.


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